WorkPlace Chair Massage

Description of on-site massage service

On-site massage does not require a private room and can be offered at the workstation, in a conference or work room. The massage therapist may use a special chair, tabletop device or a chair available in the office. Selection is dependent upon the client’s comfort and space available in the environment.

The length of a massage session is typically 10-15 minutes, the length of a typical work break. During the massage, the recipient is seated and fully clothed. No oil is used. Therefore, no change in attire is necessary. The massage therapist uses techniques that focus on the upper part of the body – neck, head, shoulders, back, and arms.

Did you know….

  • Stress accounts for $26 billion in medical and disability payments and $95 billion in lost productivity per year 
  • Over 50% of lost work days are stress related, which keeps about 1 million people per day from attending work
  • 40% of job turnover is due to stress
  • 80% of industrial accidents are due to stress

Advantages of workplace massage:

  •    Increases employee performance and productivity
  •    Reduces adverse effects associated with repetitive work tasks and prolonged sitting positions
  •    Appeals to a broad employee base
  •    Shows that the employer cares
  •    Improves good feelings about the workplace
  •    Enhances employee loyalty
  •    Relieves tension and tired muscles
  •    Requires no overhead to maintain and no capital investment
  •    Reduces employee absenteeism
  •    Energizes employees and motivates them to return to work


15 min              $15.00

30 min              $30.00