I am Juliette Conti-Cottrell, Licensed Massage Therapist and founder of MassageRx.  In today’s stress filled world I consider massage to be a necessity, not a luxury.  You could say I first became interested in massage when I was a young girl.  At the end of a long day my father would come home from work, sit down on the lazy boy and say “hey who wants to rub my feet”.  While the rest of my brothers and sisters would quickly vacate the room I would sit on the floor and start massaging his feet.  I found great satisfaction in seeing him relax and knowing his mood change was improving.  It seemed to have such an impact on not only him but as a result the entire family.  After all we can’t be there for our families if we ourselves are exhausted and stressed with aching muscles.  Throughout the years whenever a family member was ill or aging, or even my child’s colic it seemed my natural reaction to want to massage them, whether a back massage, their stomach or simply working on their hands and feet….it always seemed to help. 

Like so many I didn’t realize I could turn a passion into a livelihood so I entered the Corporate World and that is where I truly came to appreciate the toll stress could take on the body.  It was this fact coupled with my daughter, who, seeing my career choices chose to do the exact opposite that lead me to becoming a massage therapist.  I would see her come home from teaching yoga to special needs people or from the assisted living centers and she would have an energy and happiness about her.  Knowing she was impacting other people’s life….truly teaching them to benefit themselves.  Shortly thereafter, after taking several courses on accupressure at a nearby college I decided to take the plunge and go back to school to become a Licensed Massage Therapist.  It was then I learned the many abundant and amazing benefits of regular massage….my personal favorite “an improved immune system”!

While we all have to live in this world and provide for ourselves and our families, which in itself can cause great stress, how we manage it is up to us.  While it may seem simpler to take a pill to relieve that neck ache, high blood pressure or even depression (the list can go on and on)  Does this pill resolve the underlying issue….STRESS? It is my belief that the real solution is a change in lifestyle.  Healthy diet, an exercise routine and YES regular massage!

That is how MassageRx began.  I put the “Rx” in the name because I truly believe this is a “prescription” to relaxation and rejuvenation and one with NO side effects.

I believe every body deserves a massage that is just right for them so I have made it easy…. MassageRx will not only customize the massage to meet your needs for that specific day, but we strive to make it convenient by our flexible appointments that fit even the busiest of schedules by coming to your home, office, assisted living center, nursing home…wherever you or your loved one is MassageRx can be there!