Thinking on the Washington Post article and the comparison between “MDs and everyone else” (in reference to other professions in the wellness arena) and it got me to thinking….

How many of us simply do a google search…pick out a Dr. and schedule our surgery?  We don’t!  We wouldn’t.  Most of us would first (at a minimum) set up a consultation right?  Well why not do the same with your massage therapist before going to their home or inviting them into yours.  I thought this was a brilliant idea (if I do say so myself) so I have updated my “contact” page to offer a “free consultation”.

All you have to do is go into any Starbucks or local coffee shop to see business people on conference calls, in meetings, etc.  If anyone reading this blog is interested in this option, just give me a call and I will meet you in a location of your choice and we can discuss a treatment plan that is tailor made just for you!  (I can even be convinced to bring my massage chair and offer you a free demo) J

Ooooo that is a good idea…..

How many of you would visit a local coffee house and get a chair massage  as a way to “try out” a massage therapist before actually booking an appointment?  Take the above poll and depending on results you may just see me and my chair at your local coffee house in the near future!